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The war between Memelords and Normies has ended and the Memelords have won after Grandayy, Dolan Dark, Flying Kitty and a few other deitys joined the battle. with an army of Ugandan knuckles and pepe the frog  as the general there was no stopping these absolute units! after the war the Memelords retired general, general tso, has put you in charge to eliminate the remaining normie robot soldiers! you have been given an industructable field, the field of boom, and an unlimited supply of grenades, the only downside is there is also unlimited soldiers soooooo... have fun?

ps. we (one untalented person) needs help developing this game so please if you think you can help email petercote2004@gmail.com

Install instructions


-Download rar file

-Unzip the file

-Open field of boom.exe to play


Field of Boom v0.1.rar 95 MB